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Everybody struggles financially from time to time last in 2012 November it was such a time for me. Knowing somebody that would be able to help I approached Allan Jansen and this is what unfolded

Early in November 2012 I approached Allan Jansen owner of Hibiscus Trading for a loan of R20 000.00 rand ( 2,256.84 USD) I agreed to place my printer (Roland xc540) as security for this agreement. On the 2 November 2012 , I delivered the Printer to Allan Jansen’s business premises. Allan Jansen showed a keen interest in the machine and asked me to demonstrate the machine, I did.

In the week that followed Allan Jansen approached me with a business proposal. He said that he could see the potential that the printer had and that he was more than willing to provide financial backup to get all general media to function and that should bigger jobs arise that he assured me that he had the financial capacity to buy any material that should be needed for such jobs. We agreed upon the partnership.

We also agreed to the following arrangement as Partners

Arrangement details

That equipment supplied for the venture stays the property of the parties involved

That as long as our arrangement stand I will not remove any equipment

That I will be responsible for marketing , website graphic art work

That Allan Jansen will provide financial backup for material, shop space, internet

As we were in a partnership I then moved additional equipment to his premises to provide a full infrastructure to the business model we were engaging. I also configured the printer and it was fully functional so that we could print on demand.

In the same week Allan Jansen requested me to get quotation from Flacon Sign Suppliers to stock up on material that was used frequently. This was delivered on the 7 December 2012 and signed for by Allan Jansen at 22 Commercial Road Umtentweni.

After several meetings with Allan Jansen I recommended that we needed a bigger space for equipment to function at optimal performance. Allan Jansen then said that he was prepared to clear out one side of his shop to accommodate the business that we where launching. In January I assisted Allan Jansen with a drive to sell all the furniture to make way for our venture.

On the 25 of January 2013 I contacted Allan Jansen to confirm that I have purchased a domain and website for our venture and asked him if the premises was indeed now vacated so that we can move all the equipment He replied that he was in the process of finalizing the sales of furniture and that he was also contemplating extending the business scope as we discussed.

I then contacted Allan Jansen on the 1 February 2013 and did not receive a reply. I then phoned Allan Jansen on the 8th February 2013 where upon our conversation ended with some doubts to Allan Jansen Modus Operandi .

On the 9th February I took it upon myself to find out what was going on. Upon my arrival Allan Jansen informed me that:

I did not honor my contact therefore he sold my printer to an undisclosed buyer, this was news to me as his investment to the business was financial and that on several occasions I reiterated that the equipment stays mine which he agreed to not once did he mention or indicated that the first contract that expired, in the beginning of January as a fact was still active.

He then also indicated to me that the buyer wanted to become a silent partner in the venture and that he only wanted profit sharing. This was also strange to me he just informed me that he sold the printer.

After I confronted him about our partnership he then said to me, that he was able to fix it and that i do not need to worry he could buy back the printer, I then asked him if I wanted to buy back my printer what would be the price , he then said R 100 000.00.(11,284.20 USD)

He then again said that he was able to fix it and that I could work off the payment over a 5 year period to get my property back. He then said I can go and think about his offer and come and see him on Monday.

Shocked at the outcome of the meeting I prepared a communication stating my intention to give him his money back and remove all my equipment from his premises due to the fact that he cancelled / voided our partnership agreement and used a nullified contract to sell my property. All his action was done after the fact without any notice verbally or in writing whatsoever.

This article is based on facts that can be collaborated by statements under oath and various transcripts and communications between the mentioned parties.

Allan Jansen is deceitful, conniving and his business practices preying on misfortunes of ordinary folks downright disgusting.

Be aware you may be his next Victim

For the people reading this blog

My intention is to create awareness of deceitful business practices and in particular Allan Jansen as he has proven to be the worst kind. I am also undertaking to explore all avenues available to me to ensure that my property is returned . This blog will be updated

Beware of Allan Jansen Mr. Pawnbroker aka Hibiscus Trading aka Hibiscus Pawnbrokers he is devious and prays on the misfortunes of people.

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